After Over Doses and being anorexic…

IMG_0978 IMG_0888 IMG_0888 IMG_0889

This is when i was 13 and anorexic and the ones of me in the hospital bed are when i took the flouxtine overdose and had seizures, i took the overdose at school and told one of the teachers and then an ambulance was called and i was taken to hospital where i met my parents and  younger sister. I feel awful of having the seizures in front of them but i couldn’t stop the reaction the medication had on my body. plus i was also taking illegal diet pills from the USA that i got delivered to one of my cousins place and then picked them up.  the other one is when i was anorexic taking photos of myself and the other one was the machine when i took an overdose and was on fluid.

By rosiestar11

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