Hospital admissions a&e and mental hospital

My experiences with both a and e and a mental health hospitals that i have been too.

Oxford x2- these were both very short admissions one was voulentarily and the other by section it was the first hospital I went too when I was 18. I had just taken a paracetamol overdose and been given the medically all clear and then I went and hung myself in the toilets whilst a cutting my arm with a needle that had been left on my bed table. That was the most scariest time of my life. I missed loads of school which was probably a good thing as I didn’t get on very well with friends! The other time in Oxford was for a night after a failed suicide attempt. But the doctor said I was no longer a risk and discharged me within 24 hours of being there! 

tindal x 10+ = after being moved to tindal from wintle ward this was still my fist admission I was sectioned and stayed in tindal just over a month. No clear diagnosis given! Since then I have had loads of sectioned and non-sectioned admissions some because of how I felt others because of self harm and others from suicudal attempts. Tindal was a night mare there were dorms where you had to share which didn’t go down very well! I never went down to the canteen to eat. You were only allowed phones outside in the smoking area even if you don’t smoke! 

 newest psychiatric hospital where I live x4- and I have been an impairment here about four times. It’s now a non smoking hospital and there are no shared rooms. All got seperate toilets and showers. And my last to inpatient visits your allowed your phone.

A and E – endless amounts.


By rosiestar11

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