New Year’s Eve. 

This year I’ve accomplished so much from less hospital stays completely stopped drinking alcohol, and been stable on medication for over 6 months now! I haven’t harmed for over 7 weeks or drank alcohol. I’m doing okay. I still have daily struggles like getting out of bed and motivation to do daily tasks. I still hear voices and I have started therapy which has proved to be challenging, but I think in the long run it will be a positive experience. I’m finding tonight especially hard with it being a new year and all. But I’m willing to accept the challenge of living another year and making mine and other people’s life better. 

Some new year resolutions are to loose weight, get a tattoo, get driving license, try and tidy and clean more! 
I also am meeting a healthy coach soon to talk through calories and exercise. Which I’m very much looking forward too! I’m hoping it will encourage me to help loose weight. 

Today I acomplished getting rid of all chocolate, getting back on a mountain board, and this week I’ve managed to walk in to the gym which is one step further than I’ve done recently, I also walked to one appointment which I was very pleased about, hopefully will be more walking in new year. So from the old Steph to the new one try your best and don’t give up! Xx 

By rosiestar11

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