Anxiety Mental health act Sectioned

3 years ago today.

Trigger warning: assault, attempted suicide, police. 

3 years ago today I was assaulted, it was too difficult to cope with, so I attempted to put a blade to my neck but I was restrained. Then my carer took me out for a drive to talk and be safe. That’s when the police smashed my front door down thinking I was still inside. When I got back to my flat, the police sectioned me under the 136. I was then taken to my local psychiatric hospital and went inpatient. 

2 years ago today I was in the new psychiatric hospital near me. I have moved from where the assault took place, but still don’t feel safe. 

1 year ago today I got my driving licence back, for being able to stay out of hospital and have no crisis. I also got a car. I was also 2 stone heavier than I am today, and I was only on 300mg quetiapine and today I’m on 800mg. 

And then there’s today, still got my driving licence, and not in hospital, trying to be positive but it feels like just yesterday this all happened. This date effects me so much. I’m trying to keep busy to not think about it, but it’s proving impossible. 

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