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I’m trying. 

I’m at the gym, I need to loose weight, I’m so fat! I hate my body. 

My weight won’t go down it’s stayed around the same weight for the last month, that’s just no where near good enough. What am I doing wrong. Am I not trying hard enough? Eating too much, I’m only eating maximum of 1000 calories a day, and mostly burning it all off. 

I know that I need to burn  3,500 calories to loose a pound of weight.

 I’m wearing two jumpers and a t-shirt, I’m not cold, I guess I feel that it’s the only way to hide my fat. I like wearing loose clothes, but I’m so looking forward to being so skinny I can wear tight clothes. I need to loose this weight for me. 

I’m exhausted but I need to try to exercise as much as possible, I’m going to try and stay exercising for at least 40 minutes, 10 minutes already done.

 I hate how I look. I want to loose so much weight that next time I see my doctor he can tell that I’ve lost weight. I need to put so much effort in to this. 

When I loose the weight and get to my goal weight, I will be pretty, skinny, and loved. I will be everything I want to be. Things will be better. 

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