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Music, is my escape 

When life gets too much with the voices and thoughts, I put music on. It helps so much. The music I listen to depends on how I’m feeling at the time. It can vary a lot. But it’s my escape for those few minutes of songs on as loud as possible, I’m free. I can dance, sing and just let everything out, obviously only when I’m alone. 

I’m also learning to British sign language to songs, there are loads of tutorials videos on YouTube. 

Audio books are grate when I’m trying to concentrate and distract myself. I listen to books mainly about weight loss. 

2 replies on “Music, is my escape ”

Same. Music is magic. The first thing i did when I woke up this morning overwhelmed by my brain was put on some music. I don’t think anyone has ever seen me without an ear pod in my ears or headphones. I don’t think I’ve seen myself without them lol. I need to get some water proof ones for the shower.

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