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Weight loss plan

My personal weight loss plan… (I will make this work, I have too.) 

Only count calories that I’ve actively burnt. This way I will feel more motivation to keep exercising. 

Do not count resting calories. These burn whether I exercise or not. It’s cheating calculating these. 

Always try to have a -net calorie by the end of the day. Burn more than I eat. 

Your not hungry, you don’t need food, don’t eat!!!

Count every single calorie consumed and burnt.

No late time eating, no snacks. Fill up on water.

Progress pictures of self and scale, pictures of myself in clothes I want to fit. Find clothes that will look good on and buy them smaller. To motivate me to loose weight.

Find clothes out that you want to fit, and take pictures of them. And myself wearing them, so I can see how much better I will look when I’ve lost the weight.

Put weight online, so I’m ashamed and work harder at burning it off.

Try to only weigh myself once a week.

Get at least 6-8 hours sleep.

Eat something tiny to get metabolic burning. Or / and exercise cardio for at least 40 minutes, this will burn my fat through out the day. 

Get up early and exercise, 

Try to complete to do list for the day, keeps me busy and burning calories. 

Always complete step goal for the day. 

Go shopping try on clothes i want to fit. 

Loads of water, water is my best friend. 

Use internet and pictures to not eat, when I get the urges to eat. 

Try more than yesterday, work harder! 

Burn as much calories as possible. 

Focus on loosing weight more than anything else. I have 27 days roughly. 

This is my personal plan. I do not encourage others. 

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