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New jeans, bra and top. 

Trigger warning: scars, fat. 

It’s very rare I wear all clean clothes. I even changed my knickers and socks today. 

I had a bath and a shave (think it’s been weeks since my last bath.) and then put on my new clothes. 

I’m really happy with them, the jeans I got yesterday from my favourite shop, in a size I didn’t think I would fit in to, I do think I look quite fat still but  I look loads better than when I started my weight loss journey. 

I’m also wearing my new bra, and the top also from my favourite shop I brought in the Christmas sales, and it actually fits me now and looks good with a proper bra.

So here is a sneak peak of today’s outfit. Please be nice it’s taken a lot of courage to post this. 

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