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I brought some new shoes today, two of them are to help me train for the marathon. I’m going to keep one pair for when I go out for a runs and walks. And the other pair for when I go I the gym. I’m hoping this is going to motivate me to get moving. I need to start putting more effort in and challenge myself. I’m finding this so difficult because I’m feeling so weak and ill right now. I want to be feeling better and fight for this happy healthy life I know I could have one day. 

And one pair to go with my everyday outfit, which will hopefully make me feel better with how I look and feel. I’m hoping I can try and get out more. I need to take my anxiety and my fears and worries and takes them head on. 

I feel guilty that I brought them for myself but hopefully it won’t be selfish if I get to run the marathon and raise vital funds for a worthy charity. Then I will look back on this day and blog post and be greatful I got them. They give me the opportunity to help others. 

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