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Why do I trigger myself? 

I don’t think I purposely trigger myself but if a song comes on I know I have a bad attachment to it I might not change to the next song, even though it makes me feel really bad. 

Maybe I feel I don’t deserve to have enjoyed the song just before that one, or maybe I need to unconsciously ground myself by feeling different emotions. 

That’s my view on listening to a song I know will make myself feel bad. 

2 replies on “Why do I trigger myself? ”

I will listen to songs that make me uncomfortable or sad because it’s like I get high off of my own misery. No idea why. If I figure it out I’ll let you know.


Sometimes we expose ourselves to what hurts us so that we allow our minds and hearts to go back to that time and analyse everything that happened. In a way it’s good, because by reliving those feeling and being reminded of them, we kind of allow ourselves to feel emotions we would otherwise suppress, deny and hide. It also actually helps us realise things we didn’t realise during that painful time. So yes, it is understandable why you let the music play. It means your heart wants the emotions to flow and your mind to release the thoughts it may have been keeping in the back of your mind all this time. Also with music, it affects our emotions. Whether it be a happy song, or a sad one. To listen to a song that kind of speaks our mind or about our situation, seems to ironically comfort us while depressing us, all at the same time.


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