Mental health

Fiddle bracelet

My ribbon bracelet to help deal with anxiety.

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Weightloss plan.

I want to loose a stone. I need to put so much effort in. I will do this.

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Positive day.

I had a good day, I challenge day, I went up to my local town, I then ate in public. The ice cream in the picture. I then looked round some shops. And then went to the cinema.

My pregabline was upped on Friday from 300mg to 400mg, and still in 1000mg of quetiapine. I'm not sure if this change had something to do with making it a good day to challenge my thoughts and anxiety.

Mental health

What am I doing…?

Things are so confusing. I'm going to try to only take what's prescribed. But it's so hard already.

The voices are screaming through my head, I'm not sure if I should stop all medication.

I don't see no good coming from this.

Am I here, am I real?

I'm confused, it's burning. I'm burning inside.

They are trying to trick me, but I've let them think the falledmy by taking the medication they've gave me, but this plan is real and so unreal.

If this makes any sense then you 100% understand my brain more than me.


Mental health

Hope box.

When I was inpatient and sectioned two weeks ago, I did a therapy session about compassion to ourselves and others.
One of the things suggested was a hope box. When we're feeling low and vulnerable, we can't always think straight.

This box takes all that worry away, I'm currently decorating it and starting to fill it with my things that are safe and will help me when I get to my lowest or anxious.

What I'm including…

Nail varnish,
Body lotion,
Face mask,
Tea bag,
Bracelet or necklace with good memories,
Colouring book,
Favourite perfume,
Letter to myself saying there's hope as I will write this when I'm in a good place,
Sensory toy,

This is the start of it.

Mental health

I’m terrified, benefit face assessment.

Trigger warning- mention of self harm!

I've got to have a face to face appointment with the Benifits in the uk. I'm so scared.

I don't know what to expect. I'm so scared, I'm confused, I don't think I will be able to go through this.

Please give me courage to be able to really be strong and go to the appointment and tell them how bad things are.

Things have been really bad since I found out about the appointment. I've been taking so much medication that I pass out, my head is very damaged physically, and I'm terrified what else is to come.

Mental health

You didn’t listen or take me seriously when I needed you too.

I wish you had listened to me. Now I feel everything falling apart.

Mental health

Not the news I wanted.

Got some news today and it’s made me feel really bad, I knew I was going to do something really bad to myself, so I’ve gone to spend quality time with my cats. 

It’s changed how I feel, they are a God send.

I love them.