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Day 9. Clozapine 31.10.17

Evening dose is 25mg.

clozapine Medication Mental health psychosis Schizophrenia

Day 9. 31.10.17 clozapine

Today I’m going up to 75mg morning and 25mg in the evening. I’m a bit gutted as I’m behind schedule. But hopefully it’s safer this way.

Things are okay, gone down to 500mg on my quetiapine,

Had a blood test yesterday and I’m scared somethings been put in to my arm, as I looked away when I was asked a question. I feel like I need to dig out my skin. And get the chip out.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 31- Write a letter to your self.

Dear Rosie,

You can be stronger than you think. Be brave, push yourself a little harder. Be the person you dream of.

There’s a lot of things you want in life and in this letter I hope you listen to me, you can have that dream life. I believe in you, because I am you!

You know when your laying in bed before you go to sleep you think of all the places you can go and all the things you can do… they are achievable.

Stay strong,

Rosie. XxX

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Day 8. Clozapine. 30.10.17

Saw my support work on the way in to the hospital today. She had been off for a week. Hopefully going to catch up with her later on in the week.

Today my blood pressure was up, I heard talking while having it done increases your blood pressure, it worked.

I’m on 75mg today. And also they have upped the rate of it increasing so I don’t have to wait an extra day so tomorrow it goes up by 50mg in the evening and 75mg in the morning.

I feel a little bit suspicious about everyone, I’m also struggling with the voices and being told to harm. I’m not sure how long I can hold out.

I’m staying here an hour, and then going home until later when I’m having my weekly blood test and blood pressure check.

I’m trying my best to keep hydrated but it’s difficult, I’m not used to drinking a lot, but I’m trying my best, already had a litre and it’s 9:45am.

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Day 30- Tell about a spontaneous moment this year.

I ran in to the sea with my clothes on.

It was amazing, the sea was warm, and it was a beach in the uk. The uk the sea isn’t normally warm.

It felt so good, I just laid and paddled.

It was brilliant.

clozapine Mental health

Day 7 clozapine 29.10.17

I’m still on 50mg today. I forgot a picture. But here’s one of me walking with my new water bottle.

31 day blog challenge Mental health

Day 29- Something on your bucket list

Sky dive.

I’d love to sky dive. I’m planning on doing it next year. My psychiatrist is happy to sign me off to do it. I think I want to do it in Devon so I can see the beach.

I’d love to skydive. Feel free. I have done a sky diving experience inside and I loved it.

clozapine Mental health Weight weight loss weightloss


Since starting clozapine last Monday I have managed to loose 1 pound.

I know that’s not much but it’s great considering that’s I’ve slept more and exercises less. I’ve also been eating lots of bad foods.

This week I aim to drink more water, always have a bottle filled up.

Exercise more, little and often.

Be healthy with what I choose to eat, less sugary foods and more healthy foods.

Check weight again in one week.

clozapine Medication Mental health Schizophrenia

Day 6. 28.10.17 clozapine.

Today my blood pressure was low again. The people who did the blood pressure didn’t know how to put the cuff on properly. So no wonder the reading was different.

I was kept on 50mg today and tomorrow.

I’ve lost a pound in weight, which made me pleased, and want to be motivated to keep loosing weight. Prove them all wrong I can loose weight and still take clozapine!

Feeling a bit stressed today, but I’m hoping to feel better later.

My quetiapine is lowered today down to 600mg. I’m responsibly surprised that I’m not having bad withdrawals.

31 day blog challenge Mental health Weight weight gain weight loss weightloss

Day 28- Something you hope to change about yourself and why?

My weight.

I want my weight to be in the underweight band, on the bmi.

I know what it’s like to be fat, normal and thin. I’ve gone through a mixture of weight differences and I know I want to loose weight from where I currently am.

I’m 145lbs, I’m so ashamed about my weight. My goal is to get to 100 lbs.

To change my weight I need to drink water, exercise more and don’t eat too many sweets and calories.

I wang to change my weight so I’m happy with my body and don’t feel ashamed I feel I will be happier at a lower weight, so that’s the plan.