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Did it really happen?

I could put money on it. I truely believe it happened but I could also put money on it that it didn’t happen?

How can you tell if it was real or not?

I phoned the police, I wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t happening. But now I don’t know if my brain has made it up.

They never came back with the warrant, so I’m starting to think my brain made it up.

I hate it that the one thing you could rely on (your brain) is the one thing making it all up too.

I’m seriously going crazy?!?!

One reply on “Did it really happen?”

*huge hug*
This is the first post of yours I have read but it really speaks to me because I can totally relate to that part of your brain that tries to tell you you made it up or it was your fault etc etc etc.
It was not your fault. If you had been robbed in the street, no matter what you had done before, whether you were drunk or flashing an expensive watch around, the robbery is always the crime. It is never the survivors fault. It’s the same with the crime you’re talking about. It’s not your fault. Stay strong, beautiful human. Keep fighting xxx

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