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TRIGGER WARNING————Fighting the urge to harm

Had a stressful night last night and day today.

I brought my parents a present just from me, and my three sisters aret happy about that because the plan was to just do a present together.

I know I’m the one in the wrong. But I saw them and thought my parents might like them.


My sisters texted me a lot about how unhappy they are about it. So I said sorry and took the presents back.

It seems the texts where they are nicer to me about this are the ones effecting me the most.


They are being nice to me… maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I’m worthy to be nice too, i was the one in the wrong.

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry!

So this is making me want to harm, but the thought of being able to go swimming tonight or wearing short sleeves in the next few weeks is stopping.

I’m also not sure what to do about my parents presents or if I should even be with my family this Christmas?!?!

I’m sorry.

2 replies on “TRIGGER WARNING————Fighting the urge to harm”

You are not in the wrong. You saw something they would like and wanted to give it to them, that’s not wrong at all. Your sisters just seem insecure about it. I know from my experience people can get insecure if they can’t afford to buy a lot while some can buy a lot. I think you should just give it to them another time because random gifts are fun to get anyway.

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Thanks for your comment, I completely agree. Thank you. Hopefully it will all get settled out soon. They are being weird about it but I guess it’s my fault, hopefully it will be sorted soon. Xxx have a lovely Christmas. X


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