Mental health

Good bye 2017.

It was a very eventful year.

  • I became a auntie,
  • I got sectioned,
  • I lost weight, and then put all the weight back on,
  • I lost my driving licence,
  • I got Dylan,
  • Lots of family arguments,
  • Visited lots of beaches and waterfalls,
  • Started clozapine and pregabline,
  • Visited a hearing voices group,
  • Had a blood transfusion,
  • Played in the snow,
  • Signed up to the marathon which I didn’t get a place,
  • Signed up to RED, running every day for Mind, which starts January,
  • Visited London a few times,
  • Went to a winter light display,
  • Went up town on my own,
  • Spend Christmas with my family,
  • Watched my two youngest sister race there go karts,
  • Went to the safari park,
  • Gym membership renewal,
  • Asked to be a God mother,
  • Gave in to alcohol and drank too much,
  • Went to Ireland for a family wedding,

This is a few things I can think of, it’s been an eventful year.

I hope 2018 is a more positive year.

Happy new year to you all. Lots of love.

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