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Leave me be… talk to me, double sided rubber bracelet.

My bracelet leave me be in red and talk to me on green. It’s soft and nice to wear. It’s easy to swap between sides. It’s a large bracelet and as far as I’m aware they only come in inside, and it’s large, even on me and I’m an adult.

It’s a great way non verbal or verbal can express if they want to talk or not.

It’s a great way to express when they want to talk. It’s neutral so it suites both make and female.

It’s great if you can’t verbalise what you want.

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What to do this weekend?

Well the weekend is nearly over but I had s Good one.

Visited and stayed by the sea overnight in the uk.

There’s sprinkles of ice over the fields.

The sea was beautiful, it rained nearly the whole time here, and wasn’t able to see the seas due to clouds. But it was a lovely break away.

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Dylan today.

My beautiful baby boy. Dylan.

He is a silicone doll, feels so real. He brings me great comfort,

I love you Dylan.

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Cpn is off again.

I haven’t spoke to hear in the last 3 weeks which I find really difficult because I’ve got so much to talk about.

She is great, and I really hope she is okay. It’s just difficult not knowing when I will next be able to vent my thoughts and feelings.

I hope you get better soon.

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Swallowing trouble … is it anxiety?

I’ve had a problem swallowing (mainly food) for a while now, it fluctuates. Sometimes I can swallow fine and other times I’m chocking.

Is it anxiety or is there something wrong?

I don’t feel like there is anything stopping the food other than swallowing the food. I do panic and try to cough the food back up.

Any ideas?

My doctor knows but isn’t sure what it is.

I did have anorexia a while back but in recovery from that. Although I still want to watch my weight and food.

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I didn’t choose chocolate! 😮

I’m trying to loose weight and be healthy.

Just went to a local supermarket and I didn’t choose chocolate. That’s not like me.

I’m actually proud of myself right now.

Hopefully the scales will thank me in a few weeks.

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Voices very inconsistent

Since starting clozapine the voices are very inconsistent.

Before starting clozapine the voices were with me all most every minute of the day, now it’s so inconsistent. I’ve heard the pretty bad yesterday and today.

I’m trying to stay in control.

I feel I need some thing to release then.

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I’m gaining weight… help me!

I’ve gained weights

I really need to loose weight before I loose respect for myself.

I drink diet soda (too much) and water daily.

I’m on medication that makes me hungry and crave food especially at night time. I snack on the wrong things and at the wrong times.

I exercise an okay amount , I do want to increase it though, but my medication makes me sleepy, which makes it hard to get to the gym at night, when I won’t be alone.

Anyone around to bu weight loss buddies I’m 145lbs and want to loose a lot of weight.

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Three kitty cats. 😻😻😻

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Sorry for lack of posts.

Lots been going on. I’ve been really distracted. Been Perry sleepy, which I think is the side effects of clozapine.

This weekend I became God mother for my niece. I was so scared about the Christening of my niece but it went really well. I loved every part of it.

I love feeling close to God.

Clozapine is at 100mg in the morning and 309mg in the evening. As well as 500mg pregabline daily, 2mg diazepam and 1.25 bisoprolol.

Weight journey haven’t been good, I’m loosing s pound and then regain it: it’s a yo yo diet. I really want to loose weight. I’m just so hungry all the time especially at night time. I’m drinking a lot of water, well I think 1 litre is a lot. I’m eating too much but how can I control that?

Please help me? I need to shift this weight.

Lots of appointments all week, I have clozapine blood one day, medication pick up another day, cpn meeting and then support worker meeting. So busy. I’m managing to stick to them even if I don’t want too.