Mental health

What do I want to achieve in year 2018…

What am I going to achieve this year to come… 2018!

  • RED- run every day, the charity event for Mind,
  • Get to my goal weight and stay there,
  • Driving licence back,
  • Get healthy,
  • Visit the gym more often,
  • Be a good sister, auntie, God mother, and daughter,
  • Take more pride in my appearance,
  • Look after my cats better,
  • Tidy more often,
  • Be more thoughtful,
  • Get a voluntary job,
  • Finish the online course,
  • Finished sign language course,
  • Sky dive, indoors and outdoors,
  • Get driving licence back,
  • Buy a car,
  • Yoga classes,
  • Run more often,
  • Visit Iceland,
  • Move or redecorate,
  • Work on my book,
  • Manage money better,
  • Save money,
  • Stay in touch with extended family,
  • Become better at blogging, instagram and more well known.
  • Recovery college,
  • Work with support worker more,
  • Challenge myself,

I’m really going to try, I will put them in a better list.


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