Mental health

Minions at a child’s play centre

took my niece to a play centre with my sister as it was brilliant.

I love the minions.

Mental health

Went to my appointment with Dylan

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Massive weight gain!!!!

I hate myself now more than ever, I’m huge, I hate my weight and my will power not change it.

I’m trying I want to loose any weight, anything will be a massive accomplishment.

I’ve put on 9lbs in just over the weekend!!!!!!!

How is that possible

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Waterfall walk

5 senses from the walk to the waterfall…

Touch- walked through the waterfall

Taste- sandwich and monster much

Smell- garlic

Hear- dog barking

Sight- a naked Frenchman

It was a lovely walk and waterfall, but I got more than I bargained from the naked man.

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Day three of extra clozapine.

I’m on 10g morning, 150mg at 2pm ish, and then 200mg at bed time.

Medication time.

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Dinner yesterday

Sweet potato, with cheese spread, s cheese and veg all mixed in. It was amazing.


Mental health

On route to wales.

View from the car. It’s beautiful.

What a lovely day. Going to see a waterfall.

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My week sorted.

In my opinion I take a lot of medication.

I don’t know where I’d be without out or, most likely sectioned under the mental health act.

I take clozapine, bisoprolol, pregabline.

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I left the flat alone,

Went for a very short walk.

I did it!!!

Mental health mental health blogger

Meds been change today.

This is only my tea time meds, (clozapine and pregabline) still got morning and night meds.

I’m getting fed up of taking them, and keep think about stoping because it gets me worked up but like myself and those close to me can recognise the massive positive effect.

The aim is to stay strong and going to Italy looks more likely if I’m dedicated to getting and keeping better,