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Psychiatrist appointment update.

Today i had my 3 months review with my psychiatrist at the local mental health hospital.

I was so scared. I was meant to be meeting my new cpn. That’s for another blog post.

My cpn, support worker, carer and psychiatrist were all in the one rooks, it was very intimidated. I didn’t really know what to say.

They always want to talk about the spying and my feelings around that. It confuses me because i do see how that is relevant. I know they say it’s because i have an illness that makes me thing these kind of things.

Anyway my clozapine is being increase to 150 mg morning and around 2pm, and then 200mg before bed.

I will still be taking 600mg daily of pregabline, and the medications for my physical health.

Anyway I’m note really sure what was said and that. I’m so there was said and i cant remember much.

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