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My support worker, what should I do with her.

I have a support worker and I’d like to work on getting out the house and achieve things I’m unable to on my own.

I’d like your ideas of things I could try, maybe things you’ve tried with your support or care team?

Maybe things other people with out mental illness are able to achieve especially at aged 25?

Any ideas?

My ideas are….

  • I’d like to go out for a walk around the area I live,
  • I’d like to walk a bit farther, maybe a a short drive then a walk,
  • Making a cup of tea or coffee for someone else.
  • Go in to a shop
  • Buy something in a shop by self service
  • Buy something at a check out with a person where you need to talk.
  • Go to a shop and not buy something
  • Walk up town
  • Volunteer at the rspca, church,
  • Maybe if i’m accepted go to a group therapy
  • Go to a gym club
  • Go swimming at the gym.

Any other ideas will be greatly appreciate?

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