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I’m sorry, I’m hurt.

Why do people always take things out on me.

I’m hurt, please don’t say things like this. It has a big mistake, it hurts me so much,

I’m so sorry, I always try to do the right thing, but always gets it taken out on me!

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The last few weeks I’ve been really struggling. I’ve been taking medication and alcohol to help deal with my life.

I am harming more, the voices have been more noticeable. I can no longer just ignore them.

I hate it all. I’m really scared.

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Went out for a meal…

It was so yummy.

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Cats cuddles

I love this boy. He is called tiger and gives the best cuddles.

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Dylan read to go to hospital tomorrow.

This I my Dylan. He is a silicone baby boy, but I love treating him as a real baby.

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You should have swapped places!!

I hate that you were born the same day as my brother.

Why did you get to live and he die!!!

you were born opposite my brother, you are my cousin and I know I shouldn’t hate that you lived and he didn’t but I wish my brother was here.

Every birthday you have I wish he was here and not you. It hurts me seeing you and everything you’re achieving.

I wish you were my beautiful baby brother. My heart will never stop hurting for you.

One day we will meet and we can live in heaven together.

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I saw him!!!!

I’ve dreaded this day since the day you hurt me. I know there would be the day but not this soon.

I saw you and I know you saw me.

I will not give in to you. I’m scared of you but I don’t want to let that control me or my actions.

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Harry Potter poster

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Life update…

My life isn’t great at the moment, I’m struggling the voices and harming. The voices in my head are uncontrollable. I’m scared and I think I’m falling down in to a hole where I won’t be able to get out.

Weight- my weight is really high right now, I’m starting a liquid fast again. I lost weight when I did it a few weeks ago. I hate myself and my mate.

Appointments- have been cancelled by then. And I spoke on the phone to my psychiatric care Co-ordinator. I’m worried about my appointment next week with my blood test, I think it’s all going to go wrong. There trying to gain control with my blood test and medication.

Family- are really speaking to my no reason why not. But I feel a bit lonely.

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Dylan 💙