Mental health reborn

Dylan in Harry Potter vest and bib.

My Beautiful baby.

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Swimming as a fat whale!!!

I’m huge, u hate me weight…..

Does anyone want to diet with me, motivate each other with healthy diets and exercises…….

I need motivation…HELP ME!

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What I’m afraid of… the out side?? Why!!

I’m so scared and afraid to go out, even when I’m with people.

I always feel I’m going to be harmed.

Or that I forgot something.

I’m fearful of so many things, especially things the voices have warmed me about!

I feel I’m being spied on which makes it all so much more difficult. I don’t want to be harmed, abducted, or information being gathered about me.

I’m trying to be brave, honestly.

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I did it… no alcohol

I’ve been using alcohol as a subtropical hell me feel better. But a week later of no alcohol, I feel great.

I’m proud that I did it.

Mental health

I did this…

I did this for my auntie abs it’s amazing that she is actually using it.

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I left the flat on my own!!!!

Today I planned to meet a friend that I haven’t seen in years.

I normally get to the day she chicken out but I actually went this time!

I’m so pleased with myself, any even better I wasn’t hurt by anyone.

Mental health reborn

Dylan in his new sleep suit.

My baby’s

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Clozapine too high

My levels of clozapine has come back too high, so I had to have an extra blood test today.

It’s been sent to London, as a go the nurse said we could take them to London our selves and have a day out.

Mental health

Power games…

I’m not letting your power games destroy me!

I have the power!!!

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I’m scared.

I’m dissociation I’m crazy!!!

I can’t stop all the voices. I hate you.