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Just one word… love

My mum hasn’t told me she loves me in for as long as I can remember.

Thanks mum! I wish that you would just say” I love you”

It hurts so much.

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My wings are ready…

Mental health


I’m all alone!

You cancelled on me!

I will stay strong!

Mental health

I did it.

I did some thing that’s made me look after my self!


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Yes I know I’m fat.

This image I’ve used is my weight, hopefully every one will see it and it will give me more motivation to lose weight.

Starting now.

So I’m doing steps in stead if sat of my bum. I’m motivated to move and eat healthyish, other than my night time Ice lolly .

I can do this!

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Why is it so hard to get the right medication!!!

It’s been a whole week with no contact with my care team. Called 7 times and still couldn’t speak to a cpn, or consultant.

But I called out of house before the weekend and was able to get a prescription in 20 minutes.

Finally I got an emergency prescription today, now trying to find a pharmacy that’s open and that has the right medication. It’s a nightmare.

I hope I can get it all sorted.

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I have so many scars. Stretch marks, self inflicted scars and scars from operation.

I hate some of the they bring back memories that’s I want to forget.

I went swimming yesterday with my sister and nieces no one mentioned then but I say people looking.

It’s my battle scars.

trying to stay strong. Too many medication. This is Just morning dose. Medication that’s meant to help.

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Who’s one today

Dylan was one on the 3rd September.

He is amazing and i feel comforting with him.

I love him. Xxxx

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Weightloss motivation

I’ve fat, like seriously my weight has exploded with fat.

I know it’s all the extra alcohol I was drinking by now.

No more alcohol, more movement and more water, and healthy food.

I need to loose weight any suggestions that aren’t obvious.

Mental health

Alpaca mania.

I received so many amazing gifts for my birthdays if you haven’t guess I love alpaca.