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You’ve hurt me so much you will never understand.

I’m hurt, so many things have hurt me.

He hurt me, physically, mentally and psychologically. And so did you. No one will ever understand the pain you have put me through.

Your here physically and your here in my head. It hurts more that the fact one I’m can see you, hear you, or understand what’s going on.

You are destroying me you horrible shadow of a man. You are In my head but following me and your ganging up with the voices.

I only I can see you, only I can try to control you.

Please stop tormenting me.

I’m hurt from you.

Are you real or a hallucination. How do I tell? You touched me physically so how can you be a hallucination. Stop it. I can’t tell. It’s driving me crazy.

I need a break, I need to run away, I’m alone and it’s killing me.

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