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My night time walk…

Mental health reborn

We went out.

This is my dylan my beautiful baby.

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Therapy break

I’ve started therapy at my local mental health hospital. I’ve had 3 sessions out of the 20 I’ve been given

I’m grateful for this break. It gives me a place to thinking I want to carry on.

It might help but I feel a bit unsafe at the hospital.

Mental health

Sanctuary room at the hospital.

I love coming here it’s a place where I can relax and feel safer. my Chaplin who does services here is amazing and always makes me feel welcome.

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Gingerbread cat.

Yummy gingerbread cat.

I allowed myself something yummy. Xxx I brought my family all on too.

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Hopefully last cocktail.

I need to focus on my weight and body. I need to try not to drink alcohol.

It was yummy but was my first hangover in years.

My weight is more important to me now and the medication I am taking to have it’s full effects.

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Day two on new medication.

I’ve been out on a medication to help me loose weight.

I’m way too fat. And I’m looking forward to loosing some fat and weight.

I need to drink water, exercise and keep active.

I can do this.

Mental health

Heart from wood.

this is a piece of wood my dad chopped up. But it turns out there were four heats so we all got a slice, I think it’s beautiful.

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Foods been poisoned,

My food has been poisoned.

I can’t eat it. It will weaken me so they can taken over my body.

I’m not safe!!

Mental health

Dylan’s sleeping

My beautiful baby boy. Xx