Mental health Miscarriage

Not long ago…was the day I can hopefully get rid of the guilt about killing my brother.

I’m sorry. You were just asleep.


Mum told me I killed you.

I’m sorry it’s 15 years ago, i wish I could have been there and said a good bye then. But I didn’t take that option.

It was such a special memorial. The weather was shining and the wind stoped while we where at his grave side. We lit a candle and it stayed lite through out the service.

I was able to read a poem I wrote for him. Listen to two songs that mean so much to me and connect me and my brother.

I feel some comfort, a feather came down at the beginning of the service. Which I think it was my brother saying he is there for me and the service is the right time and I feel forgiven to some extent. I will always have the guilt I’ve me but I love you. Xx

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