Mental health reborn

Dylan my baby.

He is a silicone doll, but he brings me a great deal of support. I love him like a real baby.

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It’s coming to quickly…

Christmas can either be brilliant, awful or a mixture of feelings.

Am I ready… I am with gifts but I’m not mentally prepared.

Any help with to make Christmas a little easier please help me

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Weight ahhhh

My weight has been creeping up and I hate myself.

I need to be weighted at my clozapine clinic tomorrow, and I know I’ve gained. Which makes me so angry. I have been able to exercise because I’ve hurt my food pretty bad.

I hope I can start to get active again.

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UPDATE- sorry for lack of posts…

Here is what’s been going on

Family- there has been ups and downs. I’m spending more time with them, but I find this emotional draining.

Weight- my weight is unstable as ever. One day I’ve lost loads the next I’ve put loads on. I want to loose weight but I haven’t been putting in the effort. I’m on medication to help me loose weight.

Jess Glynn- I went and saw Jess at a concert and it was brilliant, I had to leave early because I have been standing still for four hours and I was in so much pain with me back. I do regret leaving early.

Appointment- I’m struggling to keep to my appointments. I want to see them I think. But I don’t 100% trust them. There’s so many reasons why I don’t want to meet them.

Car- I started to drive a little more, wish gives me freedom. It’s nice to go and see my family. I’ve got plans of where to go and I like the ideas. I get a bit scared. But I’m trying my best.

Therapy- I’ve only had s few appointments and I’m not sure they are worth the hassle I don’t think I trust her and I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere.

Christmas presents- there’s always a limit and I alway do it wrong. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to Christmas. It’s so draining.

Moving home- I might. E moving home and that really excites me. I’m anxious about it all but hopefully it goes how I’m imagining. Fingers crossed.