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How do you know when enough is enough?

I should have done it but I it was all I could do, but looking back it’s not good enough.

I hate myself, please help me stay safe. If I’m worth any support.

Mental health self harm

Too far.

I’m scared.

It’s sore and I’m not sure how I feel about it?

Mental health

I’m sorry.

Struggling is my pain with no gain!

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Am I noticeable?

I’m here I was invited to my parents but it’s the only contact I’ve had all week.

Do they love me… I don’t know?

Mental health

Why am I so sleepy ???

For some reason I’m so tired.


Any solutions to get back in track?

Medication Mental health

Just some of my meds.

I hate medication and it seems to increase. I really want to stop.

Mi hate medication!!

Mental health

I tried to get help from mum after calling her but she was only interested in her life? Xx

This really hurt me. I love my mum, it’s just hard.

I wish she was there for me.

God Mental health

The sanctuary.

I look forward to these meetings each week.

It’s a religious based service.

Always brings me comfort. although it’s at the mental health hospital. That alone brings its own challenges me.

But …


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Motivation to loose the weight

I can do this

I’m so motivated, I’m not sure why or how but I’m not going to complain

I weigh….. 167.4lbs!!!


But I will do it!!!

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Night medication

I hate this…

I hate having to take medication but it keeps me sane and out of hospital.

I want to stop the medication but I know no one agrees with me. But I feel fine so why should I continue to take medication.

Clozapine, Diazepam, pregabline, metformin, Lamotrigine.