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It’s my fault. I should be more stable, less of a risk.

I wish my medication helped me more than currently.

I wish I had the money,

I wish I wasn’t a burden to you.

I will be strong!

I can do this.

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Dinner warming my heart.

Yummy. I really enjoyed it.

Sweet jackets potatoes, with cheese and mayonnaise, and corn on the cob. Yummy.

Mental health

I ate, yummy!

Banana and porridge, was really yummy and I ate it all.

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Save me from myself… please.

I’m really struggling, mentally and emotionally.

I’m hating the voices and the spying, I hate the way I feel so paranoid all the time. There’s no break. It is constant.

I hate my weight and the position and all of this on my shoulders. Hiding secrets and holding on to surprises.

I hate myself.

Why am I being left to feel this way.

help me please.

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I need you… please.

It’s horrible this feeling in my body.

I need you.

I’m to needy.

I don’t feel safe or comforted.

I need you please.

Hug me and never let me go.

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My weight on the 1st of January 2019, I’m so embarrassed about so if I put it on here I might be more motivated to lose the weights


I know I’m a fat pig