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Dylan is the forest at the weekend 😘

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Why, it’s not fair.

I was playing with my niece and sister and we were play hide and seek

My mum then took over and it made me upset. There was no need mum always and takes over!

Why dose she always take over.

Why does she always want to take over.

I was having fun. Why?

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Daffodils and butterfly 🦋

daffodils and a butterfly, and it the end of February. Spring has come early.

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Summer time vs scars?

I have self harm and some scars that aren’t self inflicted.

I hate it. I feel I can’t wear T-shirts, or shorts I feel judged and embarrassed.

I definitely won’t be able to go swimming or the in hot tub.

I have and still self harm so I have scars from that. But I also have a scar on my tummy from an operation.

How do you deal with it? Help me out.

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I don’t know whether I’m angry or pleased.

I saw my last care co-ordinator today at the local mental health hospital, waiting for my therapy session, and I was told she no longer does community psychiatric nurse work.

But I’ve just seen here with another patient.

I’m jealous.


Did I do some things wrong.

It was lovely to see her, but how am I going to deal with this! I’ve got so many different feelings. 😭

I’m sorry for feeling jealous. But I’m a little bit angry.


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It’s a seaside day.

Sun shining was Amazing.

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Quick question… am I invisible to my family?

Why am I never invited to join my family on days out?

I just wish they would consider me, is that wrong of me?

I’m sorry for being selfish.

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How to hide your feelings

I live to hide my feelings… I’m a pro.

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Dylan and his new clothes

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Help me please.

I’m failing. Im nothing, but need help, please.