Mental health

Quick question… am I invisible to my family?

Why am I never invited to join my family on days out?

I just wish they would consider me, is that wrong of me?

I’m sorry for being selfish.

By rosiestar11

5 replies on “Quick question… am I invisible to my family?”

Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it. I have kinda had this conversation before it worked for a month, then they were back to the usual. I honestly think it’s because they are embarrassed about me for having mental health Illnesses, I just wish they loved me. Feeling really low. Xxx

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I do understand how you feel. I hav a sister who basically disowned me because of my mental health issues.
My attitude towards that is… Screw it!
If you feel that strongly about something that is bothering you, it needs to be addresssed and readdressed until it sinks into their heads.
If they chose not to listen, Screw em! The more you stress over this, the worse off you are going to feel. Don’t allow them to steel your happiness away…

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Thank you. Really helped. So nice to know someone cares and understands enough to comment and it be a really helpful comment. Xxx

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