Mental health

Actual Mother’s Day…

I am a mum but not to human children, I have my fur-babies, and my baby Dylan.


Kissed Dylan

Haven’t seen my fur-children kitty cats.

I’ve Spend day at my mums.

Had a walk, and some fatty foods.

But in reality I feel really low and effected by the voices.

Mental health reborn

My Mother’s Day.

I can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day with my gorgeous baby boy.

I love you Dylan.

family Mental health

Why am I alone…

My family never speak to me unless I call them first.

I feel alone because they don’t call.

I don’t see friends and only speak to them when they message me on Facebook, and then it’s just a quick hello.

Why do i bother.

I don’t think I will bother from now on.

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How do I explain how I feel?

How do you explain what you think, feel and hear.

How can you explain to people that your head is crazy.

I hear more than you think,or that I can explain.

I feel painful, pain that you could never explain.

Cats Mental health

Kitty cats.

My beautiful babies, minus one.

Food Mental health

Cuddle me

Love heart asking for a cuddle.

beauty Mental health

There’s beauty where ever I look.

Mental health nature

Did lightning hit.

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Cream egg cakes. Yummy.