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Day 9 on titration clozapine to quetiapine!

Had an appointment with my care co-ordinated, psychiatrist and a nurse about my symptoms and medication. They have decided to slow the clozapine down as I’m experiencing side effects, like the spying and voices. I’m really not happy with this but at least the quetiapine is continue to increase daily.

I’m at the sanctuary now ready for a spiritual session. Which went really well, there was a lot of people so I was very uncomfortable but the reverent was very reassuring and helped me through it. I just picked up the medication from the reception at the mental health hospital. I wish things went the way I want them too.

I’ve decided that I’m refusing the blood test next week, to do with me clozapine. Hopefully that means they will have to stop it. But the reason I am refusing it is because I’m afraid of the staff taking my dna from the blood test. I’m scared about what may happen.

I’m struggling, why are they spying on me and why are the voices really bad. I’m scared.

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