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28th March update.

I got the new medication timetable today. I’m really not happy about it but the psychiatrist is not happy that I’m refusing the blood test next week.

I spent the day with my nearly two year old niece and my sister.

I actually had a good time. Got some good pictures. I felt like part of the family.

Haven’t really had much time with the nurse that gives me medication and I left straight away I know the plan was to go to a group but I was just too scared too. I might try harder tomorrow.

The voices are really strong today but I’m trying to block them out which I think I’ve done really well. No one is aware of what I’m hearing. It’s not pleasant

I’m hoping my weight will have gone down yesterday, I’ve tried really hard to be active today. But currently laying in bed with recurring back ache.

The presence that I feel over my left shoulder feels like it’s demanding my attention and it’s making me fearful. I’m concerned it’s going to break me and go in to a full meltdown.

Flower from the walk today.

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