Mental health

So angry!!!!!!!!

My psychiatrist has wrote a letter to my gp about the appointment last week as he normally does,


he has said to stop 4 meditations, in one go!!!!!!

and he is on leave, and care co-ordinator is off on long sick and my therapist is off !!!!

I’m seriously in trouble!

4 replies on “So angry!!!!!!!!”

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to bother anyone. I feel like giving up. I’m really scared to speak to someone else and I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to change it as he is in charge of my care!

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This is about YOUR CARE. You have to make someone listen to you. That’s a sudden change in medication, and whether or not he’s there or not, another person there should be able to assist you.
You would not be bothering anyone, this is you health we’re talking about.

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