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I’m on my way… to see p!nk

I’m so anxious.

I keep going to faint not sure why, but the ones I think it’s to do with…

Dehydration, blood pressure, medication, but most of all ANXIETY!

But I can do this, I know I will regret it if I don’t go.

If I faint, I faint, not much I can do about that.

Anxiety Mental health

Any tips on how to deal with anxiety at a concert?

I’m off to a concert tonight, you might have seen from my previous post.

I suffer with anxiety, especially in public.

I was wondering if you have any tips on being in crowded places, unfamiliar places, and worries of being hurt?

I would really appreciate any help.

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Concert tonight?

I terrified as well as bursting with excitement.

I’m going to a concert tonight and it’s to see p!nk.

I find it hard to leave my flat on mosts days and I’m now going to a massive concert. There will be thousands of people there.

Am I worried about being hurt?

YES! I’m terrified. I’m concerned mainly about two things. I do not want to be hurt or killed, and I do not want to be captured by my care team and be locked away where they can collect my DNA.

I’m hoping I will accept this risk and still go to the concert. I’ve always wanted to see p!nk live. I’ve heard she is one of the best. I also love her songs.

I really hope I don’t let my anxieties and fears stop me.

Mental health

My niece painting.

Today my niece came over to my flat, she is just two.

She painted this E. She really enjoyed it.

I love the fact she comes over and likes being at mine, we do something crafty each time she comes over.

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My poor baby.

Tiger worried me last night, his eye went really red and he want really opening it.

I called the out of hours vets. They says to bring him in, and this was nearly 11pm at night. It costs a fortune, but he is worth it.

They said he has an eye infection, possibly conjunctivitis.

He has to wear the cone so he can’t scratch’s his eyes. He isn’t very happy about it but he is coping.

Mental health

Stay away from them.

The voices are helping me.

I’m not safe from anyone.

They are all after me.

They are poisoning me!

Do not trust anyone!!!

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My Longest fast has been… 55 hours.

I fasted for 55 hours, 58 minutes and 16 seconds.

I had some dinner so I’ve started another fast…

My current fast I’m hoping to reach 70 hours!

21 hours I’ve fasted for so far on this fast.

I’m fasting to loose weight, I find the healthy eating and exercise doesn’t work for me.

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I’m loosing weight so why are my clothes tighter?

I’ve lost over a stone in the last few months.

But every time I put on some clothes from my wardrobe they feel tighter.

They are uncomfortable, why is this?

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Dylan napping.

My gorgeous boy in his new top.

I think he looks beautiful but I am his my so I’m being biased.

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I drove my car for the first time in 6 months!!

I did it.

It was terrifying, I started at a car park and then drove from there home.,

I did it but I was so scared!

I’m hoping to get back in to it tomorrow and have a little drive.

I can drive I just need more confidence.