Mental health

Please someone help.

I’m feeling so low and really need some support.

I’m hearing voices which are hard to listen too because there saying such horrible things

I’m at my parents for my sisters birthday and I feel so alone. Which ever room I go in they walk out and talk behind my back

I’m struggling to not self harm.

I feel I want and need help but I’m not worthy of it.

I’m scared for help and I’m scared to be alive.

I don’t really know what’s going on.

I hate seeing them treat people and animals horribly!

It’s traumatising me!

I’m struggling to live.

I’m really scared, what should I do?

By rosiestar11

12 replies on “Please someone help.”

Seeking help is a sign of strength and not weakness! Do not be afraid to try and improve your mental health! It is important to seek treatment when you are feeling like you cannot control urges to self harm or are feeling worthless. You ARE worthy of treatment and your life is valuable! For me, the right therapist/psych and combo of meds saved my life, along with a few close people I trust to talk with. But i don’t share my struggles with most of my extended family because they are not supportive or helpful in my journey. However, that does not prevent me from being vocal about mental health to the people that choose to listen. Fighting can be exhausting and scary, but it is worth it to put up a fight! The world we live in can be so cruel but we have to keep fighting and show that our lives have worth! I really hope this feeling passes soon and you are able to get the treatment you need! It is okay to be scared, but don’t let it stop you from getting help! Best wishes to you!

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I really don’t want to end up in hospital, that will be the worst thing ever. I guess that’s why I’m so scared to see or tell my care team. I feel so alone because of this. I’m refusing to tell my care team, haven’t seen them in a long time because I keep cancelling.

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I want to, I’m worried about telling them, because I think they are against me by spying on me. But I really want someone to take this feeling away.

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