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Anyone able to help/ support me?

Looking to see if there is anyone who has the same or similar challenge to me that will understand how I feel?

I’m trying to find someone I can text or message that can understand the struggles and someone I can be honest with.

I’d really appreciate it if you suffer with the list below to message me or leave a comment, please.

  • I suffer with….
    • Anxiety,
      Problems with eating nothing or everything,
      Worries about medications,
      Self harm,
      Worries about getting help or needing it.

    It’s not a criteria. Just a few things I suffer with and would like some support.

    I am under a mental health team but haven’t seen or spoke in months (my choice) and I don’t feel I can be honest with them.

    I’ve been hospitalised many times. And I’m terrified of it happening again.

    The government and mental health team are after my dna to clone me. I believe that they won’t stop at anything to get me. I’ve got a chip in my body where they are able to track me.

    This is really hard to deal with and I don’t know who I can trust.

    I’m scared and would like to talk to someone.

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