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I did nothing wrong! Why handcuffs?

I had not committed any crime, I was detained under the mental health capacity act by the police!

I was restrained, handcuffed and legs in straps. I was then handcuffed to a hospital bed, for about 14 hours!

I did try to do a runner when I went to the toilet, although there was a nurse with me at all times. And the police following me. I was still handcuffed!


I had not committed any crime!

I felt like a criminal!

I’m so embarrassed.

I was in so much pain, my wrists were so swollen I could no longer wear my watch. I was also surrounded by pillows so I couldn’t hurt myself!

By the time I was released I had so many pains and bruises!

After 14 hours of hell I went in to a mental health act assessment which I passed and then was released home!

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