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Goal this year.

I’m now 27, time to get my life on track.

These are goals I want to achieve this year!

I want to work on my Weight, get down to 9 stone minimum, by eating healthy and going on walks!

I’m going to try to get out the flat every day.

I want to get a Job at animal antics, but first go there to volunteer.

I want to work on get driving again.

Family. I want to work on seeing my family more. I want to make the effort to spend time with them!

Be more responsible for my own life and care. Try to make meals for myself. Try to take care of my own medication.

Make friends. I want to go out and make friends. I want to have a good support network.

fit and healthy, is a good thing for my life! I need to be able to go places and see the world. (At least England)

No self harm- one whole year. (nothing!) i can do this!

Save money.

Move to the beach

Get a tattoo designed by my favourite cousin.

I think that is a lot to work on but I can do it.

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