Mental health

I’m struggling so much.

Things are awful!

The voices are tormenting me most of the day and night!

I’m scared that I going to be caught and tortured by the mental health teams because I think they have my dna now!

I can’t run away and bout be found because I have a chip in my body that I can’t find!

I’m so scared to sleep or relax!

I keep seeing faces coming up from everywhere.

I’ve harmed and I’m scared that now I’ve re started that I won’t be able to stop it!

I’m in such a state, I wish I could be just left alone!

By rosiestar11

4 replies on “I’m struggling so much.”

Thank you. And sorry! Nope I don’t have any extra medication other than what I take daily! And there’s no one who I can call. X


I feel for you Rosie and I hope that you’ve managed to get a rest, if not sleep, this morning. Please try to use some of the coping strategies you might have been taught. And if not, try just ‘being’, concentrate on your breathing, out for count of 5 and in for count of 5 and just keep breathing like this for a few minutes. This will help you focus (on breathing alone) and regulate your heartbeat to hopefully reduce your anxiety.

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