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Ive got 24 hours until ward round!

Im anxious about it. Last week he said “you need to be on an antipsychotic, but I don’t mind which one as long as its one.”

I choose quetiapine because it’s been ok in the past and I can’t keep being threatened with injection as you can’t inject it.

I took it twice in the last week and managed to go on leave.

I refused to come back so my leave had been removed.

Tomorrow in ward round I’m asking if I can be discharged. If this was a real hospital they would discharge me because I’m not ill and refusing treatment.

My section end on the 10th if he doesn’t discharge me! So I will be going home then. I’m not sure if he can extend it or what could happen if he wants me to still take the antipsychotics?

Anyone know the procedure if he refuses to discharge me?

Can they keep me in?

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