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What am I doing wrong?

I’m trying to loose weight, a lot if it and as quickly as possible.

I had 1500kcal yesterday

2 litres of water and

14,000 steps

120 sit ups


And calculated that I burnt more than I ate


I hardly lost anything!

I’m hating myself so much right now.

How can I loose weight quicker?

Please helps me!

5 replies on “What am I doing wrong?”

hun stop!
There is no point in kicking yourself so hard, it’ll do you no favours.
With all that exercise you’ve probably increased your muscle mass – muscle weighs loads more than fat,
Sounds like weighing yourself everyday is just going to give you so much pressure. put them out of sight and mind.
If you need to weigh, do so on a weekly timescale, same time, same day. give your body a chance to respond to your diet and exercise. But more importantly, take measurements or photos, because scales can be so demoralising. There are plenty of times I weigh myself and although I’ve done everything right, I haven’t got the loss I was hoping for.
If you are eating healthily (and your photo looks as though you are), if you are drinking enough fluids (preferably water), and if you are exercising sensibly (150 minutes a week) then your body will be getting fitter and healthier, regardless of what the scales say.
You might want to see instant results on the scales, but if you want to give yourself as much chance as possible to not put the weight back on, you’re better of losing between 1 and 2 lbs a week.
good luck!

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Thank you.
I can’t stop weighing myself so many times a day.
I’ve been stupid and brought diet pills, I’m also using patching which are meant to help you loose weight. I don’t know if they are real or even safe!
If I’m honest I wanted to loose as much weight as possible in the next week as I’m having to go to the hospital for a breast cancer clinic. So scared.
I lost 3 lbs from Monday to Tuesday and then only 0.2 lb yesterday to today.
I used to be anorexic and now I’m obese! I’m really struggling to deal with all this!
I just want to loose as much weight as quickly as possible.
I have to!
Best wishes, thank you for commenting. Xx

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I know you’re scared for the clinic, and what the outcome might be, I’m thinking of you x
Diet pills that may be unsafe isn’t the way forward though sweety, in fact, we can’t know how they’ll react with any medication you may be on now or in the future. Are you currently looking to lose weight because it’s something we do have marginal control over? I could be completely ignorant here, and please do not take offence, I promise none is meant, but I wonder with the anorexia before, if that might have been a control thing? And with everything going on at the moment?
There also may be nothing to worry about yet hun, it could be something very simple and easy to deal with.

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Thank you so much.
I know, I’m on a lot of medication and I know that I’d a risk of it all effecting each other.
But part of me is giving up on life.
I want to lose weight for so many reasons, but control is a big thing of me.
Yer I think it was for control, my sister has cancer and was only 2 and then my brother died as a baby and so many more things, anorexia gave me a focus and control.
I do need control right now. 😦
I just don’t want to be fat, I wish there was a quick and easy fix,
Thank you for replying, hope you are well. Xxx

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It is heartbreaking when anyone has cancer, especially when they are young. and such a shame about your brother too. We can’t do anything about those who have passed to cruelly from us. But we can try to see the best in what we have, even if we have to look real hard and then we find just a small ember of hope.
Here is something I used to say to my daughter – “There will always be a brighter sunrise” She now has a tattoo on one of her calves and so I amended it to “You can not know how amazing the sunrise tomorrow will be”.
I know it’s hard, but try to concentrate on one thing at a time right now, and try to be mindful with how you concentrate, so for instance, right now, concentrate on getting through the clinic. and try to give yourself positive reinforcement.
And please, don’t take those diet pills 🙂


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