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Breast cancer clinic.

I went to the breast cancer clinic a few weeks ago.

I was terrified.

I went with my carer and mum, but I went in alone!

First I went for a scan, they were all really nice. It was really embarrassing laying there with my top off, but they made it easier by being so nice.

I then had to wait to see the consultant, who looked at my scans and then examined me. Again I went in on my own!

They don’t think it’s breast cancer which is good, the lump was still there and he did explain what it was but it’s not cancer.

My mum was really quiet on the way back and I think it’s because she didn’t get to come in with me.

She has been really off with me since it, in my head I think it’s because she is disappointed that I don’t have something life threatening and there is no drama left for her!

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