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Trying to deal with the memories of trauma!

⚠️ trigger warning ⚠️

Honestly I’m struggling so much.

Im not really sure how to deal with this, I harmed myself yesterday and feel really poorly today.

I hardly slept.

I’m trying to resist the urges to harm again. Especially as I’m in a car right now as a passenger but we’re moving! I need to control my thoughts and voices!

My heart hurts, my brain hurts, my body hurts! Physically and emotionally!

I’m struggling!

Just taken some prn diazepam. Hoping this will help!

It’s my last hope!


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1/2 stone loss!

Finally 1/2 stone loss.

Took me a month but I got there hopefully by next month I will have lost 1 stone!

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Scrap book time!

Mental health Past

Polly pocket.

Can you believe it found this is a stash of old toys!


Throw back to forever friends.

These bring back good memories of being a child!

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I attempted female kick boxing fitness class!

I did it I walked in.

I was brave.

It was hard work!

But guess what…..

I did it!!!!!

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Then she broke.

I thought I could hold on to this positivity.


I can’t!

I’m struggling so much, so many thing finally broke me and I don’t feel I can take any more!

I’m sorry for the negative post but I guess that’s mental illness for you.

Anything can happen and so many emotional changes!

Mental illness is a struggle.

Self soothe box it is.

Rose bath bomb.
Animals Mental health Therapy

I made it!

Animals Anxiety Mental health Therapy

New challenge!

Today I’m off to animal therapy in a taxi instead of my carer taking me!

I do not feel I can do it! I’m so scared. How can I do it?

How do I get through the panic.

I’m scared about being alone, scared of being in public especially on my own.

I’m scared they will be late or I will be late, or too early!

What if it goes wrong!

What if I harm,

What it the edges to jump out get too high,

What if I have to talk what if it goes wrong

But my dear what if it goes RIGHT!!!

I’m going to try! Xxx

I can do this.

Fear will not get the better of me!

Animals Cats Pets

Three cats.

The three beautiful cats.

I love them so much!