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Haven’t eaten in 46 hours.

I hope I loose weight!

My mum is trying to loose weight too.

She claims she lost 4lbs the same as me!!!!


She is eating so much rubbish, and is not exercising!

I’m trying so hard but feel so disappointed that mum isn’t really trying and is loosing the same as me!

I need to loose more weight!

I have too!!!!!

There has to be hope!

6 replies on “Haven’t eaten in 46 hours.”

no, you don’t- you shouldn’t feel like you have to change yourself to please anyone and you’re probably fine as you are. as someone who struggles with mental health myself, I know that my words on a comment probably won’t convince you, and if losing weight is what will make you happy, do it! maybe try eating healthier foods and gradually start working out, as not eating in 46 hours isn’t healthy for you 🙂

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I hope so too. I feel so lost and never happy with my body. It’s horrible. Xx hope your ok. Xx


Not eating won’t help you lose weight, it actually sends your body into starvation mode which, in short terms, keeps your weight on. But I hope you manage to get to your goal.

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