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At animal therapy!

I’ve cleaned and brushed the horse and the mare!

I’ve put the mare in her stable to have a rest!

I’ve been busy!

Unfortunately I’m not feeling well, I’m fasting again to loose weight mainly! But I feel really dizzy!

I’m too scared to tell anyone! Xx.

This afternoon i nearly fell all the way in to the mud in the field! It was funny though!

I then cleaned another horse and then went and spent time with the goats!

6 replies on “At animal therapy!”

You are so lucky to be working with the animals I am jealous, Just a suggestion and I don’t mean to upset you, but if fasting is making you light headed how about eating small meals throughout the day, so that you are still losing weight but not making yourself unwell, I just remember when I tried fasting once I became so weak to the point of almost passing out and i would be worried if you were to pass out and no one is around to help you x

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Hiya, lovely pic of the horse. I’m way to cowardly to get close to anything bigger than a sheep!
Feeling dizzy isn’t pleasant, and Shrinking Gina has made a great point. I know you struggle with weight, and maybe small meals throughout the day would be a good thing to try. Good luck hun.


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