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I’m still overweight but no longer classed as obese!

Finally going the right direction!

I’ve got far to go but it’s going ok!

I’ve got this!

Ive decided I’m no longer going to do slimming world!


  • I hate the shaming of being weighed in front of everyone,
  • Get disheartened by seeing that people are saying they have lost a stone in a week,
  • It’s embarrassing everyone talking about how much they have lost, in front of others and seeing how unhappy they are with each other!

I’m still going to loose weight but I’m doing it my own way!

2 replies on “WeightLoss!”

Yep, agree agree agree! 🙂

Find out what works for you and run with it. I just read a blog post by someone who was advocating skipping rope exercises for weightloss, and they’re probably right. I hadn’t even given it a thought but now I might give it a go! IT’s about whatever works for each person.

For me, fasting is working really well, but I can totally understand that for some people it really isn’t the right thing. Whatever works, I reckon! 🙂

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