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I caught a bus to animal therapy.

Today was my first time on a bus alone in years and it was also meant to be my last farm therapy because I just can’t afford it!

But I spoke to the manager and I’m staying on one more month. I’m so happy!

I plan to bake cookies for Monday to share out as a thank you!

I did it. Xx

I seriously surprise myself sometimes!

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Tiger is 8 today! 🎁

If you haven’t already guessed I love my cats, they are my world!

Tiger is amazing he is so perfect and he knows when I’m having a bad day and comes and sits with me, he definitely has six sense!

Mental health mental health blogger

First yoga class

It was so relaxing!

I was so anxious at first, but once I got in to it it was really relaxing! I go really tired and exhausted but at least I went, I definitely want to go again. I plan to next week.

I’m currently at creative writing, waiting for it to start.

Have a drink while waiting for it to start.

I feel so exhausted at the moment. Wish I could sleep, but can’t.

I think I’m starting to go down and that scares me. I’ve been on a up ward climb for a few weeks and now I think I’m filling cracking!

I’m exhausted, eating so much, gaining all the weight I lost, hardly getting any decent sleep, anxious, and getting really frustrated.

This is such a rollercoaster ride, mental illness is exhausting!

beach sea

Beach. 🏖