Mental health update

Weight and mental health update.

Here is a update about what’s been happening recently!

Weight- I had gained weight but I’ve now lost some again. I worked I’ve lost 10lbs in 38 days but overnight lost another 1lb so it’s -11 lbs in 40 days!

Animal therapy- is going ok. I hadn’t been for a few sessions due to my mental health getting bad but I’m hoping it is starting to stabilise a bit.

Steps- I’ve been doing at least 10,000 steps a day but some days over 20,000 steps!

Plan to get back on track with slimming world. I’m not planning on going to the meetings until it’s the one before my last one. I really want to get my 1 stone loss award!

Bath/self care- has been a little better. I seem to be trying more.

Things that have been going wrong and struggling with…

  • Saw a man standing on the top of a bus when I was with my sister but it turns out that I was just imagining it!
  • Struggling with disordered eating thoughts,
  • The voices are bad on and off,
  • Having more nightmares,
  • Having more highs and lows,
  • Struggling to stick with any direction in life that I’m choosing,
  • Struggling to accept the weight I’ve lost is good enough.

Things that are going right or that I’m enjoying…

  • Trying to understand myself better, thinking about things I’m struggling with,
  • I enjoy spending time with my cats and waking up with all three of them on me,
  • I’m enjoying trying to start thinking about a career,
  • Starting yoga and creative writing, with Mind mental health,
  • Going to animal therapy and cuddling the goats,
  • My WeightLoss is going ok.

I’m getting braver and I’m trying at life! I’ve got this! (I hope.)

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